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We value our patients' experience at Lawrence Chiropractic Clinics. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr Steven Lawrence & Dr Xanthe Lawrence 

"Like most working men who do heavy lifting have a history of back problems which from time to time seem to flare up. Dr Steve my chiropractor has always been able to correct my ailments and keep me free from pain. As my grandchildren grew up and started taking an interest in sports, gymnastics and football inevitably they both sustained what would be described as minor injuries including bone displacements in feet and strained muscles. Dr Steve has always managed to get them fit again for the next important match. I wholeheartedly can recommend Dr Steve's treatments for all types of injuries." John and Family, Whitchurch

"I started bringing my 5-year-old daughter to the practice over 2 years ago with sleeping problems and a chronic cough. Dr Steve has been incredibly patient with her and made the consultation as fun as possible. We have received excellent nutritional advice that our family has been able to use to improve our wellbeing as a whole." M. Howe

"Since, on the recommendation of a friend, first coming to the clinic about four years ago I have had no further bouts of the pressure-related vertigo which had previously been occurring. Dr Lowena at first then Dr Xanthe have done an excellent, highly professional job with a pleasant manner. Reception staff have always been friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended." Geoff Maddocks

"Many thanks to the team at Nantwich Chiropractic Clinic, my lower back pain which I had lived with for several years has now been corrected." S.A.

"After living for months with a bad back, coming to Nantwich Chiropractic Clinic has helped my pain enormously!. I no longer walk around in agony! Staff are very friendly" E.E.

"I came, they saw, they conquered!"  Colin Morrey

"You keep me mobile! I have a regular maintenance programme which is good. I have been a patient here for years. I always find the receptionists very helpful also, trying to fit me in when needed"  A.H.

"Very pleased about the care my family and I receive at Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic. We all attend a few times throughout the year for a check-up. Their spinal adjustments keep us mobile and their advice on exercise and nutrition has been superb, our energy levels are now fantastic and we no longer suffer with regular colds through the winter months" G.L.

"As an international Ironman triathlete I need a lot of physical therapy support! I can genuinely say that chiropractic has made me well, kept me fit and sped my recovery from any irritable injury. If you are interested in your holistic health for sport or life in general then I don't hesitate to recommend Nantwich Chiropractic Clinic" Andrew Denton, CEO Outdoor Industries Association

"Steve Lawrence is a brilliant Chiropractor and really nice, genuine guy. I first went to him after I did my back in" when he opened his Clinic in Nantwich he helped me then and has helped me through the years to the point now where I go to him every 6 months to maintain my spine health and keep my physical and to some extend physiological well being on track. I'm a former gymnast and Airborne Soldier so my spine has had a hard life - I cannot recommend Steve enough for his brilliant advice and care." Mark Brown

"Has been a huge benefit. Now feel pain-free." Derek Steel

"Very in-depth, detailed examination with great friendly people that use methods and adjustments that work. Also easily accessible and cheap parking nearby next to Market Street. Excellent Chiropractors." Lloyd Cooke

"Having suffered a very painful lower disc/back problem I sought help from Nantwich Chiropractic Clinic. I am a very active person normally and I ride regularly but I had become so debilitated that I feared I wouldn't be able to ride again. However after regular chiropractic adjustments and advice I not only fully recovered but was able to continue to ride at the level prior to my injury. I can't thank everyone enough for giving me such excellent care and treatment." Kim Bailey

"Nantwich Chiropractic Clinic not only saved me from chronic lower back pain but also from acute agony when arthritic changes in my neck sent the surrounding muscles into spasm. The doctors (G.P.s) could do nothing except prescribe increasingly powerful drugs. The chiropractic clinic removed the pain almost immediately and have managed it ever since. Can't thank them enough." Linda H.

*Chiropractic is not a profession that addresses/treats symptoms. As chiropractors we recognise that the body is capable of self-healing when it is in balance. Symptoms (whether they are a pain or a dysfunction within an organ or physiological mechanism) are an indication that the body is not in balance. Chiropractic adjustments are precise and specific to each individual and work to bring the body back to a state of balance at which point the body is capable of self-healing again.